Monday, June 28, 2010


 Here are the complete storm surge predictions for all category hurricanes, at all areas on the Gulf of Mexico Coastline. Be informed, .. in terms of links to weather information.this is the absolute best I have found to date. The pictures below are in the order of Mississippi, Alabama, Texas, then Florida. Then there are some tips for you at the bottom.

Mississippi: Water Depth
Mississippi: Storm Tide
Alabama: Water Depth
Alabama: Storm Tide
New Orleans: Water Depth
New Orleans: Storm Tide
Central LA: Water Depth
Central LA: Storm Tide
Western LA: Water Depth
Western LA: Storm Tide
Category 5



Port Arthur: Water Depth
Port Arthur: Storm Tide
Galveston: Water Depth
Galveston: Storm Tide
Matagorda: Water Depth
Matagorda: Storm Tide
Corpus Christi: Water Depth
Corpus Christi: Storm Tide
Padre Island: Water Depth
Padre Island: Storm Tide
Brownsville: Water Depth
Brownsville: Storm Tide
Florida Keys: Water Depth
Florida Keys: Storm Tide
Southwest Florida: Water Depth
Southwest Florida: Storm Tide
Tampa Bay, FL: Water Depth
Tampa Bay, FL: Storm Tide
Cedar Key: Water Depth
Cedar Key: Storm Tide
Apalachicola, FL: Water Depth
Apalachicola, FL: Storm Tide
Panama City, FL: Water Depth
Panama City, FL: Storm Tide
Pensacola, FL: Water Depth
Pensacola, FL: Storm Tide
Lake Okeechobee, FL: Water Depth
Lake Okeechobee, FL: Storm Tide

The complete set of computer models, from all agencies, least that I know of,....and everything else.

    In the event of a hurricane hitting the Gulf coast, my advice to you ...
, would be to buy some water filters, ...some good can even make your own very effective water filters t. Again, no BS, scientific missionaries have been teaching this in 3rd world countries for some time, as if the are made right, they are incredibly effective at removing contaminants from water as well as any biological  " factors " that could be encountered from dirty water.
Some links about homemade water filters.

    Oil lamps are easy to make, and can use any kind of oil to burn, ....preferably not motor oil, but something in your kitchen like corn oil or salad oil, ... You can cook on them, boil water, sterilize things in boiling water, heat a space, etc, can even boil water in a plastic 1 or 2 liter plastic soda/water bottle....just make sure it's hung upright over the flame, with the cap unscrewed slightly to allow for the release of pressure when the water heats up, otherwise you might hurt yourself.
...Be very careful using them, a longer wick will produce large amounts of soot from the flame, the larger the flame is, the quicker it can heat the oil in the lamp to a very hot temperature., so be aware of that if you make one out of a glass jar, .....cans work well, or metal containers of any sort.. All it takes is some wick, you can use a torn 100% cotton sheet or shirt, or 100% cotton rope/cord, any natural fiber, even twine,  will do in a pinch.

   Below is a great site, you can see how easy it is to make them. Just be careful.
     99% of the food you currently have in your refrigerators has been irradiated , especially if you shop at any regular type of store.. These irradiation processes for food processing were approved quit some time ago, ...remember?...They were approved for any products coming from overseas to kill any biological contaminants that might enter the country and make people sick........most of our food sources in this country come from other countries...." think " will stay good longer than food used to, however, it can still start to rot, when the heat hits it...growth of bacteria...fungus...molds....are all controlled by heat and PH of the environment...

    In the event your power goes out, you can make what is called a  " swamp cooler ", it's what Cajuns and Native Americans in the Southwest use to cool their homes. It works by evaporation and works quite well .It is best made with a simple common box fan. You will need again, some cotton to wick the water, some clean water to evaporate, ... and a car battery, or any other power source you can find or rig up. These can be highly effective for homemade refrigeration, especially if buried below the ground level, but can also be built right on to the back of a regular refrigerator...any way you can think of. You can keep your food longer by keeping it cool, and also keep yourself cool too...Keep in mind that 40 degrees f is the start of the " danger zone " for microbial growth ....40-140f  is the temperature zone that restaurants are required to keep their food products away from. I would also get some Charcoal caps from the grocery store, they can be taken to help rapidly absorb toxins in the stomach and help the body flush them out.

    As far as the oil....I know this might sound counterproductive, but I did a job once doing asphalt refinishing on a hotel parking lot for some nice money over a week's time. The guys I worked with showed me how to : wear a disposable Tyvek body suit to keep the coal tar emulsion off my skin....but also how to use petroleum jelly/Vaseline on my skin, applied in the morning before going to the job site, to make it easy to remove the goop we were working with if , in the event we got it on our skin... If you get coal tar emulsion on your skin, it will cause a chemical burn when UV light hits it. Another fact. Dangerous stuff, but I paid my rent for 3 months with 7 days of work...and learned some really cool stuff.....just a thought, might keep large amounts of oil from making solid contact with exposed skin , a pinch.

...I know these things above are true because ..

    I have also worked as a chef on and off since I was about mom was a chef too. ....maybe hard for you to believe,..... but that's a whole different blog......I'm 37 now last winter...
    Last winter...I spent 8 months living in a survival shelter I built with hand tools, in the North Carolina mountains.. Quite comfortably too, I might add., it was framed in and insulated, even in sub-zero wind-chills..had some great experiences too...I'll try to get the pics I have posted on this site so you can see it.....I guess I just have always loved to learn about things...that was quite the learning experience too. Very rewarding.

   I will add to this post over the next few days, I have some great things you can do in the event of any natural disasters. One of the things I have done in life has been the studying of the multifaceted subject of sustainable living/survival skills. Growing food, processing crops, storage, soil sciences, etc, etc, etc, etc, . And I put it all to practice while I was learning it, to see what works and what doesn't. I will share what I have learned.

Besides me...there are also many like-minded individuals in the world who know how to live sustainably too.


Susan said...

plaque forming unit PFU initiated by a single cell virus

must ponder.

May you be protected and well and keep the information available as I am most thankful.

Jacques said...

No...Susan....not plaque....

There are many acronyms for pfu, I realize it may be confusing....

P.article F.lux U.nit.

Read into some astrophysics and the study of dangerous radiation in space.

Particle Flux Unit = radiation intensity measurement .

Anonymous said...

How is it with these roumors about evacuating the whole Gulf coast? Is there any signs of it yet?

Has the winds made it any worse yet?

Since i live i Europe i have to read multiple diffrent pages to get any information. There isnt much media cover of it here, i mean why is there so few pictures of "disatster area"?

Its kind of scary as i seen graphix of oil traveling all the way here.

Best regards and all luck to you

Jacques said...

I don't think that they will be able to evacuate the coastlines..they weren't able to evacuate one city for hurricane Katrina....I don't see how they would successfully pull off evacuating the entire coastline.

Our government simply does not have the resources/money to do it.

People that wait for our leaders to help are going to be " up the creek without a paddle."

The smarter ones have already left.

The BOP stack will fail in the event of a storm, deep ocean currents will push/pull it over.

It didn't have to be like this.