Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Adios Amigos

Hi there. I don't believe I'll be posting any more, seeing how this whole fiasco is wrapping up, at least the visible portions. I have been, and will continue to follow, the studies concerning microbial breakdowns of the various hydrocarbon fractions in the G.o.M., for I feel the effects will be seen more noticeably after we experience another cycle of the seasons. Take in mind when you read the articles on this blog, that there are many inaccuracies, and misunderstandings of data I read and accumulated, especially geo-data & chemistry.

In 5 months.I learned a great deal, in fact, enough to convince myself to go back to school in the spring,... a daunting task for a 38 year old high-school dropout, but one I am looking forward to, all the same.. I'm sure you have, and hopefully will to continue to seek education and clarity surrounding this event. Any questions or insults can be sent to me via email

As a parting thought, because we should really all be reminding each other to seek rational explanations for the things we see.~ Data and logic sometimes appear to be at odds with each other, but by examining causalities in public forum, we will always find the rational.

" Remember not to let yourself become jaded when all the misapplications of the science are weighed in. It is the application of the science when inappropriate or the lack of application of the science when it is appropriate that causes distress in the reasonable man."