Thursday, August 12, 2010

Rorschach is laughing

Out of all the crazy theories and postulations over current events, mine included, this one takes the cake .

This gentleman has found a blob-like organism complete with a " parabolic wave system ", lol, a pulsating vein structure, and an egg-sac. It also has a " crust-like " covering...can't think about what is similar to a crust, anyway,....he has also found " alien fire bugs " that are eating the metal. His theories range from : BP drilled into a radioactive meteorite, to something about a French submarine carrying cargo of some mysterious substamce that can " morph " seawater and another "compound " into gold, which in turn " morphed " into " creatures " , which then changed the " magnetism ",...of what I haven't the slightest,lol,....and " sailors ears were bleeding ".....sounds horrible.

 Another fine example of : What we want to see, we will.

For some reason,....many people cannot use logic to deduce that if something was required to be hidden from the public view, it would not be shown to the public.

Same logic for the " gauges ".....the gauges that are shown on the ROV camera views , are nothing but hydraulic gauges for various parts of the system, you really think that this whole operation would be resting on very crucial pressure readings, read through a video camera under a great depth, of dial gauges...? ...They might as well be in Command Central looking at the computer moniter with a telescope turned backwards.

The real pressures are read with pressure transducers that are placed around the well riser and other parts of the BOP stack. Pressures are also read at all points in the system from a-b, from the pumps to the intersection point of the relief well.

Really, it is not the things we know that can be detrimental, is the things we think we know..

I would like include something a friend sent to me.

 " Remember not to let yourself become jaded when all the misapplications of the science are weighed in. It is the application of the science when inappropriate or the lack of application of the science when it is appropriate that causes distress in the reasonable man."

                                                                                             --My Friend

...anywho, for some comic relief, watch these two vids.

......Aaaand the fire-lizard creature...(cat/dog)...?