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Look at it like this....I could probably say something like " External refribulating index-crossed multiphase heavy ions with a reverted pro-nuclear flux resistance of double-negative refracting vortex of :

{E}\psi(r) = - {\hbar^2 \over 2m} \nabla^2 
\psi(r) + V(r) \psi(r).
times the refractive index of.....lime jello.....I would be bullshitting you, ....because that above , I just made up, the equation is just copied from a Wikipedia article on Einstein, ....and also ...I don't understand how refribulating electrons refract through green jello anyway..... But you wouldn't know better, would you.?

I wouldn't do that to you. I'm not like that.

I've  heard one poster on the investors board say that the Sun is causing electrohydrodynamic gravity waves in the pipes underground, ....and that it is going to cause a black hole....

.............when in reality, that's exactly what happens......except.minus the black hole....


" Geomagnetically induced currents also affect geophysical exploration surveys and oil and gas drilling operations. "

"Pipelines Rapidly fluctuating geomagnetic fields can produce geomagnetically induced currents in pipelines. This can cause multiple problems for pipeline engineers. Flow meters in the pipeline can transmit erroneous flow information, and the corrosion rate of the pipeline is dramatically increased. If engineers incorrectly attempt to balance the current during a geomagnetic storm, corrosion rates may increase even more Once again, pipeline managers thus receive space weather alerts and warnings to allow them to implement defensive measures. "

" Gravity waves " are whats known in the study of hydrodynamics as.. ...well, ....gravity

Wkipedia, .....

In fluid dynamics, gravity waves are waves generated in a fluid medium or at the interface between two media (e.g., the atmosphere and the ocean) which has the restoring force of gravity or buoyancy.

.Many hydrocarbon explorations are done during times of solar's a fact...because you can't measure something underground easily unless it moves... they add a few more big words like " black hole " to the mix to discredit real information and fact.

That is how Wall street is spun in the online understand now.

I'm sure, that if you don't know what any of the above/below topics mean, you won't be able to separate fact from fiction.......go read my post below called

" The perpetuation of knowledge "

It's about how to tell the difference between a teacher and a liar....

There is not one lie on this site. I'll stand by that.

And no, .....I will not leave the Yahoo/Wall street investors board alone.

I will keep coming back to expose your lies.

 NASA gives warnings to all big industries, like oil companies.....they are refereed to as " customers"..because they get advanced warnings about solar storms ....don' don't matter. If you don't know, than you don't care. If you don't care, than you don't matter, the whole scheme of things.

"  Never let a good crisis go to waste   "........sound familiar..?

NASA/USAF JOINT PROJECT:...the same site that gives the solar storm below

"  At SWPC, we monitor the preliminary values of the K-index, minute by minute, and we notify our rapid alert customers when we exceed critical thresholds of 6, 7, and 8.  "

"  Due to real-time requirements for the information, our alerts have to be based on measurements from a local magnetometer, just north of Boulder. This usually works fine because magnetometers are very sensitive devices, but there is the possibility that on occasion we may detect a highly localized disturbance and overestimate the global level of activity. By the same token it can occasionally happen that a highly localized disturbance will affect a customer's region of operations, and yet the severity of the disturbance is underestimated by our measurements. The NOAA scale describes effects for various levels of activity, but with regards to geomagnetic activity, it needs to be kept in mind that there can be differences in the response that are a function of the location of the user."

 That means that the Earth's responses, rather,... the response of the matter, ...well ,.that just depends what the geography in the area is. Every kind of matter responds differently to different particles, there are many types of particles, ....sorry, rather, many different intensities of particles, that strike the Earth. Normally, they  are dealt with by our ionosphere, mainly, but larger bursts from the sun cause widespread power failure, I'm sure you've had blackouts, or read about it in the news before....for like 20 something years now....right...?   or did you forget....?.

Here's another Yahoo investors board Wall street bullshit slinger.

 " Monsanto is doing more good for the world than harm. Great read:

“In order to meet the challenge of feeding the world, Hugh Grant and his team at Monsanto understood early the necessity of building the technologies that would improve agricultural productivity by several orders of magnitude,” said J.P. Donlon, editor-in-chief of Chief Executive magazine. “In honoring Grant as this year’s Chief Executive of the Year, his peers recognize not only the vision and performance to execute on this strategy, but the courage to face the many obstacles that had to be overcome along the way.”

GMO is nothing to be scared of. Every food that we eat is the product of genetic evolution coupled with human selection. Tomatoes used to be poisonous. Ruby Red grapefruits where developed by inducing random mutations with radiation. Monsanto is doing more safety testing for each of their varieties than most other foods have ever had. It takes time to and effort to engineer successful products: the evolution of Microsoft Windows is an example, Windows 7 is finally a decent product. Monsanto is the Microsoft of biotechnology and will revolutionize the world amazingly positive ways.

I can't wait to try all the new fruits, vegetables and other organic delights that will be developed this century. You can hide your head in the sand and say that we should all still be using abacuses to add numbers, but I'd much rather have an Xbox or iPad."

                              -----   - YAHOO BOARD POSTER

My board response to that BS

" my 6 years of studies of Biology, Bio-dynamics, IPM, Dormant oil usage, turf grass management studies, and a whole host of other 3 years managing a 190 acre fruit orchard in Pennsylvania say otherwise....I have seen firsthand the effects when the DNA from the various microbes, like bacillus thuringiensis, get introduced into natural environments through genetic manipulations.....ask the local farmers...they know.....Monsanto forces them to buy GM seed, it's the law in some states..

You are full of sht

there's a reason why many states won't allow laws forcing farmers to use GM Monsanto crops.

you are very full of sht

here's why, take a look at the maps yourself, GM food is whack, ....just like you.

you couldn't do complex algebraic functions on an abacus if you sat on it.

I would like to see that tho'...

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