Wednesday, June 30, 2010


Grrrrr....I am getting, Another Yahoo investors board chemist trying to make me look stupid....yeah, ok.......not going to happen.
After my original post about reverse micelle encapsulation.....IE " dispersants " I got some " professionals " responding....
29-Jun-10 09:51 pm

  "  Isaac is a loon who believes he understands technical details. In reality he doesn't.

 Two examples of the simplistic things he has posted that are simply wrong.

1) Increasing salinity decreases boiling point of water. Even housewives/cooks/etc hundreds of years ago knew you could add salt to water (increasing salinity) to raise the cooking temperature.

2) Just here he claimed that lowering density increases evaporation. While this appears to be true in cases of homologs chemicals, it is a result not a cause. E.g. heavier (more dense) aliphatic hydrocarbons do have higher boiling points, but it is not because they are more dense. Water is more dense than them (until you get to the extremely heavy ones, called resid in HCs) but it has a lower boiling point. I can literally find you oil that in fact can not be boiled (though it could be very slowly evaporated) that is lighter than water.  "

                                                                              Yahoo'er - ---    fore6996

The loon's response

"   No...under pressure....salinity lowers the boiling have been misreading what I post on my blog.....the higher the pressure and the higher the salinity....

In do not know the valence of the proprietary surfactant.....nobody does...except the Company that makes it.

Do you know the valence number of the particular
Sodium bis(2-ethylhexyl) sulfosuccinate they are using....?

If you do, spill the beans.

In chemistry, valence, also known as valency or valency number, is a measure of the number of chemical bonds formed by the atoms of a given element. "

Mr. chemist's reply

"   nope, I don't know the particular valence. But I likely could work it out. Been a few years since I did anything like that. But I also know that (as you note) valence involes chemical bonding and reactions. What a surfactant is doing is not a chemical reaction. It is more of a hydrogen bonding issue which is independent of chemical bonding. They are different things.   "


The loon's reply

"  The fact remains, that the ingredients in COREXIT 9500 are what they are, ...and the proprietary formulation of this salt is secret.

Molar mass, symbol M, is the mass of one mole of a substance (chemical element or chemical compound). It is a physical property which is characteristic of each pure substance.

Until we all know what the molar weight is, none of us will truly know how long it takes to degrade.

The weight of a substance that will combine with or replace one mole of hydrogen or one-half mole of oxygen. The equivalent weight is equal to the atomic weight divided by the valence.  "

   ++ And my final parting shot....I lost composure,  I will admit...

" Isaac is a loon who believes he understands technical details. In reality he doesn't. "

Here is the original read it.....they try.....but get smacked down...

The loon's response----this was removed by Yahoo

First of all *ssmunch, let's rip that BS up right here in front of everybody.

The effectiveness of this proprietary salt is in fact,  determined by what's know as the :

Hydrophilic/Lipophilic Balance or " HLB "

The typical dispersant zone for 9500 is at surface level.

The lower you go, the less effective it is.

It is also made for surface application in droplet form.

Read the fcking PDF

Sour HI-E oil is untreatable with any dispersant after 6 hours.

You have no clue what the actual truth is concerning these chemical I am referring to,in terms of the actual molar weight, or the you talk out of your *ss.... and you also have the audacity to insult me ?

Also don't tell me you can approximate what the valence is...that is BS....chemistry is an exact cannot approximate a single outcome.....because you don't have a set of numbers to do any " calculations.

Put some pie in your hole


Do both

I don't care

Don't get them confused though....approximation can be deadly.

Here's a little more about how molecules are effected in the ionoshere>

Ultraviolet  (UV), X-Ray and shorter wavelengths  of solar radiation are ionizing, since photons  at these frequencies contain sufficient energy to dislodge an electron  from a neutral gas atom or molecule upon absorption. In this process the light electron obtains a high velocity so that the temperature  of the created electronic gas is much higher (of the order of thousand K) than the one of ions and neutrals. The reverse process to Ionization  is recombination, in which a free electron is "captured" by a positive ion, occurs spontaneously. This causes the emission of a photon carrying away the energy produced upon recombination. As gas density increases at lower altitudes, the recombination process prevails, since the gas molecules and ions are closer together. The balance between these two processes determines the quantity of ionization present.

You have expelled enough hot air to suck yourself through your own *sshole like a flagellating flesh torus, my friend.

A stinky muscle doughnut..

I didn't even think it was possible.


----------------------------------'s some more on micelles and sulfonic salts..

    Micelles composed of ionic surfactants have an electrostatic attraction to the ions that surround them in solution, the latter known as counterions. Although the closest counterions partially mask a charged micelle (by up to 90%), the effects of micelle charge affect the structure of the surrounding solvent at appreciable distances from the micelle. Ionic micelles influence many properties of the mixture, including its electrical conductivity. Adding salts to a colloid containing micelles can decrease the strength of electrostatic interactions and lead to the formation of larger ionic micelles. This is more accurately seen from the point of view of an effective change in hydration of the system.
What this means, is that as the chemicals contact salt, they start to form....salt is the catalyst in the reaction.

The electrostatic potential stored in salty seawater, is what starts the reaction, however....the more salt that is introduced into the system....the bigger the micro-encapsulations can get....

The fact remains , we do not know the valance......since it is not released to the is a direct indication that it does not break down in 1-2 days like what they have said about the salt in the normal COREXIT 9500 formula.

They reveal their lies by is what is actually happening...remember , ...I said plastic raindrops....right?

    " Emulsion polymerization is a type of radical polymerization that usually starts with an emulsion incorporating water, monomer, and surfactant. The most common type of emulsion polymerization is an oil-in-water emulsion, in which droplets of monomer (the oil) are emulsified (with surfactants) in a continuous phase of water. Water-soluble polymers, such as certain polyvinyl alcohols or hydroxyethyl celluloses, can also be used to act as emulsifiers/stabilizers. The name "emulsion polymerization" is a misnomer that arises from a historical misconception. Rather than occurring in emulsion droplets, polymerization takes place in the latex particles that form spontaneously in the first few minutes of the process. "

  • High molecular weight polymers can be made at fast polymerization rates. By contrast, in bulk and solution free radical polymerization, there is a tradeoff between molecular weight and polymerization rate.
  • The continuous water phase is an excellent conductor of heat and allows the heat to be removed from the system, allowing many reaction methods to increase their rate.
  • Since polymer molecules are contained within the particles, viscosity remains close to that of water and is not dependent on molecular weight.
  • The final product can be used as is and does not generally need to be altered or processed.
                      Disadvantages of emulsion polymerization include:
  • Surfactants and other polymerization adjuvants remain in the polymer or are difficult to remove
  • For dry (isolated) polymers, water removal is an energy-intensive process
  • Emulsion polymerizations are usually designed to operate at high conversion of monomer to polymer. This can result in significant chain transfer to polymer.
  • Can not be used for condensation, ionic or Ziegler-Natta polymerization, although some exceptions are known.

I'm not done here either. I have some other crucial information too.....soon enough..

 6/30/2010, 10:35 AM-EST    - Isaac

In the's some recent screen caps for you you can see a little of who's been reading along with you........

                                                                                                                        I accidentally deleted the Department of Homeland Security screen cap.....slaps forehead..                  s'okay.....I have a feeling they'll be back..                                                   This how to tell who is reading info from a server on your computer, ...or, who's connected to you.   Type CMD, then netstat.    simple.                                                                                     
                                                                                          Here's just one way you can trace the location.                                                   
                                                                                                          Hello to my friends down under ..                                                      Anyways, I'll just say this.....when I randomly run a netstat, and find certain oil company or military/US Gov. computers connected to my computer.......and I find a telnet executable, that I cannot gain control over......stored in my temporary internet files....with remote log-on permissions granted for up to 10 people...." Microsoft Outlook Exploit ".    I know what you are doing....... I have since it was installed....I am curious tho',... how you forced it over wireless...                                       Cheers,             - Isaac           


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