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June 19/2010-10:05 AM EST
   By : Isaac

   Plastic,'s what's for dinner. that recent events are perhaps forcing you to reconsider how you live in this world, if you aren't on track already, I would like to draw your attention to something that is equally important, but completely ignored. It does have everything in the world to do with oil. If you have ever seen the results of an animal that has died from eating garbage, then you know exactly what I am talking about. If you have not, then I will describe it for you, then , if you want to, you can look for yourself. Especially important ,is that you read about the expanding plastic, foams, gels, and rubbers that have been injected into the ocean's sub-floors for 15 or so years, in my section on E.O.R. techniques with sub-micron polymers.. Plastics, contrary to popular belief, do not get broken down and digested back into natural elements, they only break down into smaller polymer molecules. That is why there are an average of over 500 petroleum by-products found in every living thing on the planet. I'm starting to wonder if we are even carbon-based lifeforms anymore.....


   When something dies, the carcass rots away to leave only a skeleton filled with garbage.

   Not really too much to explain.

   In the course of 7 weeks spent on the Yahoo Finance and Investors board, observing comments, arguments, debates, stock tips, etc,etc., I started to realize that a great deal of the people that invest in oil companies actually don't have a clue how they operate, in terms of the chemistry behind the dollars.

   Those dollars you are baited with, and your decisions to go after them, are no different than the actions of the appeal of a piece of garbage to seagull. You think you want them, but ultimately, bio-chemically, your desires are driven by the same core forces that drive things like your sense of hunger. Controlled by your brain, of which the functionality of, is determined by the amount of oxygen in your blood. Your rate of respiration is determined by : the barometric pressure / the vapor point of gases in the atmosphere / the amount (ppms) of gases in the atmosphere / and their ratios.

   Similar to plants, too much of one nutrient/catalyst, throws every other process out of line as the availability of other nutrients/catalysts becomes inaccessible for facilitating further processes in a organism.
As an example, the types of bacteria that are responsible for causing boils in the human skin are present always. They are only given a free license to proliferate when the PH of the human body is is thrown off-kilter.

   Available oxygen is what keeps an organism from developing oxygen toxicity, which is the cause of drain bamage.    ....Which is what makes you make bad decisions, like investing in companies like BP/NALCO+ any of the others that operate wantonly, without knowing how they operate.

   Benzene, just one of the gases currently at very high ppms in the Southeast US has a vapor point that will allow it to stay at under 70', on average. until UV light can start to break it down. In the groundwater it can be broken down biologically, there is much evidence that certain microbes can do this. It is done by starting the process with inoculations of the deep-water table with sediment that contains the microbes from another area.

    If you are one of those people who is getting pissed about me writing these articles, and don't give a hill of beans about what happens to marine life,..then let me ask you this....

   How many of you that are investors in the 40-70 range talking about not caring about the gulf environment have pets...?  Just what I thought.....a great deal.......I don't need your direct answer, because I know it's a fact. You are hypocrites. ..If you love your animals, then you have a deeper understanding of the sanctity of life. If you love all animals, then you have a profound understanding, of the not only the sanctity of life, but the interconnectedness that keeps everything in the natural world tied together. Kudos to you.

   The fact that 99% of investors don't have a clue about things like polymer degradations, sub-floor hydrocarbon gas flux, The LOOP infrastructure on the coast, our strategic petroleum/gas reserves in underground salt caverns on the g.o.m. coast, types of oil, short-chain or long-chain hydrocarbons, E.O.R. techniques, or any of the other 1000's of different facets of this business, show the unwillingness to learn.

  Here are just a few of the very relevant things you should know. A very very small fraction of the information available for public reading.

Deep Mobile Gases/Relation to Earthquakes    /      Earthquake Predictions Based on Gas Flux    /     Content of Hydrocarbons from drilling mud as a function of tectonic activity.....go read them.

 Especially ignorant are those of you that argue with environmentalists

 Here is an environmentalist these days..

                                         Here is what a real environmentalist actually looks like

   Here are a few people that are an average indication of the type of  person who is typically ignorant of any of the facets of the technology that oil companies operate with .

   If those of you that invest in companies like BP/NALCO/etc/etc, who talk about winning awards for environmentalism, are the type to argue against people trying to stop these " practices " ...then you are even more of a hypocrite than I thought possible.

   The unwillingness to learn is in itself an indication of the direct awareness of sources of fact that are different than the information the observer uses to quantify their reality. The truth is painful, and at the subconscious level, many people actually do care, they just have justified their apathy with their lack of knowledge. If you don't know about how something works, you cannot develop a better system. This leads to a feeling of helplessness in the subconscious.

    We only remain ignorant of fact by our own free will. We become educated by our willingness to seek the truth. It's perhaps why you are reading my blog. You live in a  " free " country, you have "free " will, and with that free will, comes the ability to make decisions about how you conduct yourself in the world... When you make a decision on this planet, under the current definition of reality, you are saddled with what's known as " responsibility."

   We create the realities we would prefer to experience, by allowing the events to happen that we prefer. This shapes our subjective view of the world by our quantified observations of the world around us, which is the world we create. by our decisions.

   Hence the saying  " Life is what you make it "

    This is why if you had to live next to a McDonalds that also had right next to it,..: the cattle range, mining operations, oil refinery, slaughterhouse, animal byproduct processing facility, logging yard, chemical plant and all the other subsequent operations that ultimately make a Big Mac, to wouldn't want to eat them wouldn't just be smelling fries and burgers anymore...and there wouldn't be any happy a result maybe your kids might not be ending up wider than they are taller.

   Now that we are being directly affected by what's what's happening, we are starting to take a closer look....well...some of us anyways...

  7 weeks ago, I knew nothing about the petroleum industry. I quit my job to focus on this blog, and have spent 10-14 hours a day reading MMS documents, D.O.E. papers, government sponsored studies of hydrocarbon pathways, PDF''s out the wazoo, and in 7 weeks, I have learned enough to make me realize that you probably don't either. I can also speed read, so I might be able to digest literary material a little faster than some.

    I also grew up in a cabin in the mountains of Washington state with no utilities, and at the same time , I lived in Key West back in the 70's, when you could still find coral communities right under the docks on the public beaches. I know, because I used to feed the eels that lived in them. I spent a year up, then a year down, until I was 12. I saw the best of both my worlds destroyed by us all freely shitting where we eat .

    Just as an example, the cruise ships that come to Key West don't pay the pump-out fees to unload the sewage they save up. They wait until they are offshore and then they dump it in the ocean. It's ok, because fish like really.......they told me to tell you.......besides, if you don't believe me, then why do all fishermen use turds for bait ?.......oh.....they don't.

      The Europeans shit on us in more ways then one. But they are not to be singled out, for like I said above, we all shit where we eat. The current events in the Gulf of Mexico are only a sign that these  " practices "
are starting to catch up with us. It's good that this is happening. It will force a critical re-examination of the way we conduct ourselves...........of course if it doesn't,..then perhaps it will take something like THIS happening on a much larger scale to wake you up.

   This is what we have done......take a good look....and after these photos, I'm going to explain exactly why recycling is total BS.......yup....I said it....

   Recycling is bullshit, here's why.

  Base goods are more expensive. It's actually cheaper to crush and bale plastic, ship it overseas where they have no environmental regulation, and melt it down or process it for manufacturing. Most of the plastic that goes overseas for " recycling " , actually gets burned to provide power for the factories making more plastic crap you think you need. The plastic that is recycled, is recycled with methods that use more power and create more waste than they do to make the plastic in the first place.....add that to the fact that the Chinese fishing companies have commercial vessels that are retrofitted supertankers and have the ability to " harvest " immense quantities of life from the oceans at one time.......I guess when it becomes profitable to harvest plastic, then they will start to clean up the garbage floating in the oceans...with probably the very same methods they use to catch fish...of course, I hear that they already catch a huge amount of garbage in certain areas, along with their fish, ...for our Filet-o-fish sandwiches,.... but they throw it's still cheaper to buy our garbage.

    I like using a computer, I am bothered by the source of it's construction. I don't like the fact that I am forced to support these industries. It shapes my purchasing habits, hopefully, it will shape yours too.

    I like cars, I am bothered by the facts that car exhaust is poisonous to breathe....but can actually be used to generate power by the process of gasification. I have never owned a car. It just one way that I can  not support this industry.


    Anyway, ...that's today's rant.

( EDIT )  I decided to add this conversation to show you what I mean in terms of Yahoo investors not having a firm grasp on the tech behind the industry....not that he's a bad person...I think he was rather cool, actually.
Isaac 20/6/2010-11:30 PM-EST.

Random Yahoo poster..


  you realize of course that the solubility curves for various gases go to infinity around 7kpsi or so? Forrest Gump wouldn't open those choocolates without some way to figure out what would happen.

all praise the tampons.

My response....

Triple point says no....the triple point of a substance is the temperature and pressure at which three phases (for example, gas, liquid, and solid) of that substance coexist in thermodynamic equilibrium

I added this...

   The solubility of a given solute in a given solvent typically depends on temperature. For many solids dissolved in liquid water, the solubility increases with temperature up to 100 °C.[5] In liquid water at high temperatures, (e.g., that approaching the critical temperature), the solubility of ionic solutes tends to decrease due to the change of properties and structure of liquid water; the lower dielectric constant results in a less polar solvent.

This is what causes a super-critical reaction in the first place...

( I also included a paragraph from my explanation about the dangers of water going super-critical )


Yahoo poster response....

    I was more interested in teh critical point, I need to go back and look at all this stuff now it is quie ineresting. Infinite solubility means you don't even need a solute LOL or may be just one "molecule" of crude in which the methane can dissolve.

The solubility does seem large in any case. So ok they open a whole into the close reservoir that contains some fluid pushing out at 12kpsi+ what is likely to happen to that when it equillibrates at STP?


My response...

Equilibrium means static/no movement in either's either equal or one pressure is stronger, it dictates the direction of flow in something like a water pipe for ex,....or a well bore....the problem now is that they lost control of that pressure they tapped into....once it had a place to go......since they aren't releasing the specifics about pressures, sub-floor brine water tables, etc,'s kind of frustrating....
Yahoo poster than goes and types  " methane solubility" into a search engine and responds by posting reference to a paper on methane solubility with out reading it first...

I guess as late as 1983 this was a mystery, viewed in opposite case of solvent solute:

Organic Geochemistry
Volume 4, Issues 3-4, June 1983, Pages 201-221

Solubility of crude oil in methane as a function of pressure and temperaturestar, open

Unexpectedly mild conditions (100°C and 15,200 psi; 200°C and 7513 psi) resulted in cosolubility of crude oil and methane. Under these conditions, samples of the gas-rich phase gave solubility values of 4 to 5 g/l, or greater.
My response...

interesting read...but HI-E oil has an API of 28°...and that paper is about the effects on crude with an API gravity of 44° ..therefore has nothing to do with the I said tho' interesting's over 26 years old, I get my info from current CE textbooks and Wikipedia...the largest user edited info source online....change something Wikipedia to an untruth and see how long it stays like that....


Yahoo poster....

Can you show it is qualitatively different? I don't even think about temperature really, just order of magnitude.
If read that paper though I thnk they mention your mileagea may vary.

Also, do you have a reliable original source for the 30kfeet 100kpsi figure at hole bottome people are using?
My response...

Yes, I'll explain the is about reducing friction in pipeline transfer, by adding water into the crude, which lowers the volumetric expansion of methane, thereby lowering power expressed in the cavitation of methane, in turn lowering friction against the internal pipeline walls..the water than is easily removed after transfer is complete....hence the reference to wet/dry was a paper on how to speed up oil transfer in pipelines by reducing friction and was done under lab conditions....and still has nothing to do with our topic at hand, which is the solubility of gases in oil under pressure without water..

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