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June 19/2010-8:24 PM EST
    By : Isaac

   One of the most important things about the gulf event I just realized is exactly which microbes are going to be doing a lot of the eating of this oil.....

   There are actually 3 kinds of microbes that eat hydrocarbons.

   An anaerobic organism or anaerobe is any organism  that does not require oxygen for growth, could possibly react negatively and may even die in its presence.

    * obligate anaerobes, which cannot use oxygen for growth and are even harmed by it;
    * aerotolerant organisms, which cannot use oxygen for growth, but tolerate the presence of it; and
    * facultative anaerobes, which can grow without oxygen but can utilize oxygen if it is present.

   The whole problem here is that the crude spewing in the gulf is what's known as HI-E oil......E means emulsify.....with HI-E oil that contains great amounts of emulsifies with seawater after just 10% of the methane escapes....then it floats back down under the surface......That means 90% of the oil is BS

   Here's the MMS PDF stating it

   The danger posed by microbes feeding on the oil is this.

   The microbes that live at the surface are the ones that use 02 and make C02 as a byproduct of digestion.

   They are commonly used for various bio-remediation's one that deals with Benzene in the deep-water table by way of microbial inoculation.

   The microbes that eat oil in the deep sea , like Planctomycetes, and Chloroflexi, and the ocean sub-floor, are the ones that don't use 02 to digest hydrocarbons, or prefer not to in the middle climes. The microbes that live in the warmer climes and the deep-sea microbes are the ones that produce the highly poisonous gases like carbon monoxide and hydrogen sulfide.

  The fact that 90% of the oil is under the surface of the seawater means that the microbes that produce the poisonous gases are going to be eating a majority of the oil.

   Hydrogen sulfide is slightly heavier than air.....
   Deep ocean microbial communities have a cyclical feeding pattern, as opposed to a pyramidal structure. They are composed of many types of microbes, each one producing a different gas as a process of digestion. This kind of cyclical feeding is easily knocked off-kilter, allowing one type to proliferate faster.

Here is an analogy so you understand what I am talking about..

If you were to unplug your refrigerator for 7 days, and at the end of those 7 days, were to open the will find many types of mold growing on specifically the food they prefer...their proximity and rates of growth are dictated by the spatial distance from one type of mold colony to the next and the gases produced...this why they grow in harmony....they support each other because nature believes in sharing....and consuming resources as effectively as it can. If food sources are introduced into their environment...the one that can first digest the most available food the easiest will step to the front of the line...

If you just had strawberries in your fridge, when you opened it up, there will one mold dominating the area.....after it has eaten what it fruits...or produces spores, as the end of it's life cycle has been reached...then the next microbe will start on whats left...and on...and on...until everything is gone....except carbon....back to basics...

This means that a great majority of the oil in our oceans will be converted to poisonous gases and not C02...

Each deep ocean community is completely different from the next, the world around. This is common knowledge in the world of deep-sea microbiological studies.

Here is just one community and their productions/processes that compose their feeding

1. Aerobic metal and sulfide oxidation.
2. Aerobic sulfide/sulfur oxidation
3. Aerobic methane oxidation
4. Aerobic hydrogen oxidation
5. Aerobic sulfate reduction
6. Anaerobic iron reduction
7. Sulfur reduction via c02 utilization
8. Anaerobic sulfur respiration
9. Anaerobic methane production

The water temperatures in the Gulf are abnormally high this year..look and see

The microbes under the shallow sub floor surface are the ones that can use 02 if they have to.....but there is no 02 to be had.....a sad state of affairs..

It might not be disease or war that we annihilate ourselves with .

It might be the very things we have all used to wage genocide with for 100 years...poisonous gases.

What a fitting end for humanity.

Don't bother turning out the lights.

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