Monday, July 19, 2010

Some recent screencaps

    Took these yesterday, this ones a section of the well casing , laying on the seafloor after getting blown out of the well, we know it happened for sure, aside from the obvious two sections that were jammed into the top of the BOP stack....look at it like this....pressure shock-wave through the fluid from below blew the casing apart and also up. When it jammed into the top of the BOP restricted flow....which immediately causes a wave to travel back into the fluid, similar to forcefully halfway shutting down a fluid flow. Especially a binary fluid like crude oil...200k+psi in localized pockets in the fluid...etc, a shock-waves travel up the fluid column, they reaches an area where due to several factors ( bubble points , casing diameter, etc) that the sheer weight of the fluid in the column provides enough resistance to the wave coming up the pipe, that it blows out. Simple.

 ......  Gravity from the top..+..pressure from the bottom = sideways blowout.
   .....Especially in brittle, unbaked guys did bake out the hydrogen before you reused the   casing.....right ?

 ..... here's one seep they are monitoring...I'm going to try to get a location from the coordinates on the screen...that's one thing you can all keep your eyes open for ...we can all get the exact locations of the seeps they are monitoring and place them by distance from the well-head.

    If you have coordinates from any videos send them to me, or type them into the chat box, thanks, Isaac.

....also...I'd like to take this opportunity to give a shout-out to Lockheed-Martin, Amocco , Exxon , the USAISC Headquarters, & Halliburton for reading my is art and science combined, with a little mechanical poesis thrown in to boot. We all make's much easier to observe somebody else doing something wrong to get an idea of how to proceed, hopefully you guys are all learning some things from the current scenario in the Gulf of Mexico and looking forward for solutions. 360º vision is necessary for a solution to satisfy.

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