Monday, July 19, 2010

Internal documents ....well control " issues "

  If you haven't read it yet, it's an interesting insight to the internal communication between drillers and our government offices.

                                    ..again, here's the time-line of the well control " issues ".

   So insiders sold off all their shares before the only cost 1-2 million to cap and " abandon "a well....could have done it when they first encountered problems....but they didn't.....must have been one massive deposit to warrant the risk of proceeding after multiple problems over 3 months. many of you guys from Halliburton and Amocco, BP  and so on and so-forth, that read my site, sold shares before this happened..?..I mean come on....buying Boots-n-Coots 8 days before the blowout ? You didn't think people would notice..? ...or you didn't really care....? Looking at patent records for you guys, ...Halliburton....I see you have hardly filed new patents for things like thixotropic cement formulae and methods in a great while...what gives...? This is all just getting silly, ...and very sad at the same time.

   I have never understood the denial of the obvious opportunities..  ...and the failure to seize the down-time to re-think things,  new physics are inevitable, new discoveries of the obvious are always lurking plainly in view, but are only visible to the mind that does not directly seek them under the constraints of known knowledge. It takes the collective views of all your people to make the hidden come to the front.

     It's called getting the " real " big picture. Kind of like the Hubble. A bit of a wider perspective.

       I could only guess how many scientific breakthroughs and revolutionary advances you could have made.
  All the while, continuing to make money and doing the right thing.

  And to you guys that made the crucial decisions here that precipitated these events. You should be happy I never made it into your field/career....I would have fired your asses in a heartbeat, those choices are indicative of less sensible logic than a bag of hair could display.

  Perhaps you should have hired Paul the octopus to make your final decisions for you, he seems to have his head on a little tighter.

...ok...I'm done admonishing are bringing out the chef in me and I am getting irritated, so I will go do something else for a little bit.

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