Sunday, July 4, 2010

Here's how else BP is helping around the world

  BP loves to help the does NALCO....we all know that.

   In addition to incredibly toxic dispersants, they also have another genious idea to help out with things.

  How , you ask ...?

    By injecting expanding polymers into the ocean sub-floor.  Made for all the oil companies in the world.

Produced by NALCO/TIORCO/STEPAN......STEPAN used to be STEPANFOAM before they were squired by NALCO..

    According to this chemist in the video...the chemist who designed it....10,000 Brightwater particles fit on a pinhead. That's a " sub-micron " size polymer particle !! That cannot be filtered out of water by any conventional methods. Here's there video ....sicking, really. For 10 years they've been pumping plastics into the ocean sub-floors. Worldwide.

                     Please let your friends know about this practice.

Brightwater page from BP

Brightwater page from the people that make it.

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