Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Mississippi Canyon Geo-data

  Here is the geo-data for sub-floor, in the area of the spill. Although BP won't release current logs. This is as good as it gets,

it's got all the important information. I just posted the graphics from it, if you want technical details...    Link's at the bottom of the post.       ...your welcome             : )

Make extra certain you read the text beside figure 10 below..then you will know what they are trying to hide.

"  Hydrocarbon Systems Analysis of the Northern Gulf of Mexico: Delineation of Hydrocarbon Migration Pathways Using Seeps and Seismic Imaging  "

Kenneth C. Hood  , L. M. Wenger,  O. P. Gross, S. C. Harrison

Exxon Exploration Company Houston, Texas, U.S.A.

"  Widespread oil and gas seepage in the offshore U.S. Gulf of Mexico has allowed the extension
of hydrocarbon systems and maturity maps far beyond well control. "


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