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Again, please take heed of the sulfur, the methane is the lesser of the problems

 They have covered up the information about what the real dangers in the Gulf area are, ....keeping the public focusing on methane gas when in reality...hydrogen sulfide gas is by far the bigger of the two problems concerning the topic of gas suspension in the Gulf waters and the chemical reactions happening. Sulfuric acid can react with seawater to create Sulfur mustard gases .I've explained how in my previous posts.

   It should be obvious by the symptoms being reported by people on the coast...

  But keep in mind....oxygen toxicity and other chemicals when taken into the human body can easily cause physiological effects like mental can the chemicals in COREXIT products...also in my past posts.     anyway...normally mustard/sulfide gases start to break down rapidly in UV light and higher temperatures...1-2 days.....however...when they are held in the depths by pressure....then cannot breakdown ...and are not able to come to the surface and start to undergo photo-degradation....they are also .. gas form they are heavier than air.......they will stay low to the ground..

   From the various papers and documents it's been revealed that Hi-E oil is estimated to average 40%  natural gas by volume, on average. 28% of this is estimated to be hydrogen sulfide. Hydrogen sulfide is very corrosive, it's common knowledge that the creation of sulfuric acid in well-bores makes casings brittle. Sulfuric acid is created when hydrogen sulfide gas comes in contact with water.

Here's some screen-caps I took from Skandi ROV 2, you can see the explosive out-gassing of hydrogen sulfide if you watch the live's easy to tell, because it moves at a much slower rate upwards than the oil itself. .Watch it for 5 minutes and you'll see it, it comes out of the right-hand side in large quantities... I have boxed the gas in the pictures below.I took the middle row of screen-caps so you can see what it looks like when gas is not coming out..The link is under the picture.  Edit : the white " puff ' you see is the vapor created when sulfuric acid hits water as it comes up the riser boils violently.

 Skandi ROV LINK


     I cannot stress to you enough that hydrogen sulfide and sulfur products are by far the bigger of the health risks for all in the gulf area........above and below the water.....just by burning the crude they are creating sulfur dioxide gas....that reacts with water vapor to form sulfuric acid....which comes back down in the form of rain ......if it is landing in the Gulf is completely starting the cycle of chemical reactions all over again.......sulfuric sulfur mustard gas.....which is heavier than air.......and floats over the surface of the water......and again reacts with the water evaporating up  off of the surface of the Gulf waters.......the surfactant they have used works in a process called reverse micelle is a type of molecular encapsulation....also in my previous posts.....that does not breakdown in 1-2 days like salt used in the older COREXIT 9500 formula. It persists in the environment for far longer I believe...that's why they won't release the information. The other products in COREXIT ,    glycol ethers, also react with water to form polymer precursors...thus prolonging the process.......the micelles created by the surfactant are able to evaporate with the water in the Gulf because of their size.....they form under the size required to be the maximum threshold for evaporation on the micron scale......under 50 microns.

   The most important thing to keep in mind is exactly how...sulfide gases affect the human body in low to medium concentrations......the olfactory nerves are rendered incapable first, ...than you cannot smell it you continue to breathe it

  Make no mistake, mustard gas can be lethal. But it doesn't kill quickly. Rather fatalities primarily result from secondary broncho-pneumonia.

Effects of Mustard Gas

After a mustard gas attack, you might think nothing more about it for a few hours or even a day. But eventually you would see red spots forming on your skin that quickly turned into painful blisters. If you underwent a direct attack and inhaled mustard gas, it wouldn't take long to feel pain and swelling in your nose and throat as the blisters developed, sealing your airway.
The longer the exposure to mustard gas, the greater the damage it causes. Conversely, if you had a brief encounter, your body would heal faster, giving you a greater chance for survival. In some cases, victims experiencing multiple exposures develop hypersensitivity to the deadly chemical agent.

You might experience some of the following symptoms after you inhaled or touched mustard gas:
  • Eyes: irritation, redness, burning, inflammation and even blindness
  • Skin: itchy redness that is replaced with yellow blisters
  • Respiratory system: runny or bloody nose, sneezing, hoarse throat, shortness of breath, coughing, sinus pain
  • Digestive system: abdominal pain, diarrhea, fever, nausea and vomiting

    Some of the more serious respiratory symptoms would take even longer to surface, needing anywhere from 24 to 48 hours to appear. This latent period played havoc with soldiers exposed during the war, rendering troops incapacitated, filling infirmaries, taking up valuable human resources, bogging down reinforcements and generally demoralizing soldiers.

   Approximately 2 percent of all casualties who wore a respirator died from their injuries in World War I, compared to a death rate of 50 percent of those exposed without a respirator The highest number of fatalities occurred after the third or fourth day of exposure, with the most extreme cases taking up to three to four weeks .

    I can tell you that here in North Carolina , I have noticed that when it rains.....if my window is nose starts to burn.....I have spoken to a few that have said they noticed this too on several occasions........and most of the birds disappear for 3-4 days afterwords.....

If you can add anything , with your observations of your surroundings..that are similar to the things I have mentioned above......please type them in the " Shoutbox " at the top right of this page.....

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