Thursday, June 24, 2010


Every event in time has an apex.The apex can be expressed or thought of, as the peak in a sine wave, representative of the complete sum of all events being observed by the conscious mind.

Visualize a pyramid of oranges in the grocery store.

Eventually...someone pulls the orange that makes the pile is proven by the laws of physics and cannot be would be trying to deny the universe. When a 3-dimensional object moves in the universe, it moves the entire universe with it's actions, in all directions. Every action has an equal and opposite reaction..If the intensity of the return action is related to the distance at which it starts to return, then by the laws of the universe, our larger actions should be more intensely returned, and painfully obvious . If you punch straight up into the air, you will not hurt yourself. If you punch a wall, your action will immediately be returned with the answer of  " no ", and you will shatter your hand with the intensity produced in your own mind. Then you will start to regret your actions.

How arrogant we have become ..modern sciences ..clouded minds...unknowingly indoctrinated ignorance.

We are seeing what could be considered the " end sum " of all our collective actions up until this pivotal point, future generations will take heed when observing the natural world, they will live as part of the sum, and not separate from the equation.

If we do not destroy ourselves, there will be a re-emergence of the sciences in the mind's eye, but we are working against centuries of backwards movement. A measure of time would put the start of the events around the start of the  " dark ages ". The total of all combined scientific knowledge in the world was destroyed by the mentality that is the opposite of what it claims to be.

Interdisciplinary studies were fractured at the library of Alexandria, ...plunging us into the dark ages.

It was a crucial event in our history that was forgotten.

An equal and opposite reaction has put the total sum of our actions right in front of us,  the laws of the universe show the total sum of man's actions once again for us to see.

We will see how clouded the mind of man has truly become.

I believe that God is the universe, and as we are part of the total sum, we are part of God.

There are no accidental creations in the universe.

When the ancients had a meeting of the minds, they quantified thought into fact for the good of all mankind.
It was beautiful, and led to the formation of great societies.

Now when we put our heads together, we can longer share knowledge as a whole, because of the differentials in the energy of our minds.

The transfer of knowledge is dependent on the wavelength of the thought. If it encounters a mind in search of it, that's where it will go.

If we are at the apex in an event in time defined by all major religions as the " End of Days " or the " Second Coming of the Christ " and religions claim to know the sum of God's mind, then it is at this time,
and at this moment in the collective consciousness, we will realize that we had the key in our hand the entire time.

The universe/God expresses it's reactions to man's actions through natural events. It speaks to us at all times, from all directions, in all languages, and on all levels. Our actions are immediately answered .

It shows us everything is connected...  further and wider than the mind's eye can see.

It is proven, ....for we have the ability to observe,  measure and quantify, ...

...but mankind will never quantify the total sum of God.

Rather, the universe calculates the total sum of man at all times.

We have kept our minds clenched shut and defeated intelligence, which was the greatest gift of the universe to mankind.

Perhaps we have been deemed undeserving of the continued observations of the universe.

If our mind is a mirror of the cosmos,

than we have blinded ourselves to the ways of self-realization.

We have been given the most powerful gift from God and have made the choice to use it as a weapon to destroy itself.

It is man's arrogant nature that clouds it's own mind, ignorance is born of free will.

We have eyes, but yet we refuse to see the things in front of us.

We have the ability to communicate in many ways, yet we cannot tell the truth

We can hear, ....but yet we cannot.

We are given a mirror of the sum of the universe as the core of our mind and yet we refuse to think.

We are given the ability to communicate directly to God through endless ways, but we have refused.

It is why God has remained from reach and definition.

It is a safety measure taken by the universe to prevent it's own eventual destruction..

By the very thing it created in it's own image.

The mind of man.

Only the open mind can receive that which is seeking it.

Only self realization leads to revolutionary thought.The gift and subsequent disregard of self awareness is exactly the same thing that has destroyed all civilizations throughout time.

The arrogance of man towards nature is perhaps the greatest single thing to hold hold back self realization. It is plainly obvious to me the intelligence of nature, it's been in front of me to observe for my whole life, in it's wondrous total.

It holds the key to every secret that remains locked from our minds, in an open hand.

And it tries to show us..

But we have slammed shut the door in our own faces.

The rise of intelligence or the domination of ignorance.

The scale is at an equalibrium.

How it will tip is determined by how we answer the question posed by God


Susan said...

A friend of mine, upon losing custody of his children, was about to flush two little goldfish. I said that I would take the fish which were in a tiny little plastic box that was made for Beta fish as there was a divider between the two goldfish. I took the fish home and put them in a large aquarium with a filter, real plants and a big roomy place to hide with entrance/exit on both ends. I watched in facination as they communicated with on another and explored their new habitat. I put them in the bathroom where they would have the peace associated with not being "on display" when I would go into the bathroom, the fish, upon seeing me, would dart to their shelter. After many days I saw that the fish were aware that it was me that was feeding them and when I now go into the bathroom they swim to the front of the tank and watch me. How wonderous to see intelligence in the so called lowly goldfish. I have had this happen with many a wild animal. The endless skunks that I have gotten off the road after they had been hit by a car but not killed and nursed them back to health. Never have I been sprayed.
To see intelligence in creatures that we deem lowly is to be at one with the universe. I know God he is great to hang out with. Religion has misconstrued who God is and that is ashame. God Rules! and I remain his biggest fan and friend.

I thank-you for your thought provoking posts. Although saddened by the unfolding events in our world, I am well and I hope that you too are well.

Sending the power of good thought your way.


Jacques said...

Beautiful, Susan. You understand the eye is the window to the soul. When I was growing up, I spent my time divided in between, a cabin in the mountains in Washington State, and Key West. No " father " , so to speak.., just a steward. Mom lived in Key West. Washington was incredible. There was no television, no sugar, no toys designed to foster stupidity. No mental poisons. We had no utilities. No neighbors. No nothing. When I was 7...I thought it was the pits...I had only nature and books. I guess as a result, My mind turned inward to provide the reflection I needed.

...But that direction was only pointed out to me by my interactions with the natural world.

A few years ago, ....I was in Walmart in the middle of the night with a friend...why, ..I do not remember, as I don't shop there, but do go , every once in a while, just to see the spectacle.

I never could bring myself to accept the idea of " owning " a pet. It's never made sense to me , how I could " own " another living thing. I was walking by the section where they " sell " fish, and there was one ...that for some reason, ..I could not stop looking at it...and it would not stop looking at me...when I walked swam to the end of the tank to follow. When I walked the other way, swam the other way.

I decided to trade some paper for this fish..

I took it home. I bought it a large tank. It was a type of Koi. I called him Wally. Turned out to be one one the most amazing beings in the natural world I have ever interacted with. ( This might sound strange to someone reading this, who has not had the interactions that Susan and I, ..and many others have had. )

I could actually feed Wally from my mouth. I could hold a pellet of food on the end of my tongue, or held in my lips, and he would take it from me. I could reach in the tank and touch and caress Wally any time I wanted to. My friends and I enjoyed many days watching Wally's antics, for they would start only when we were watching him. It was like he didn't know he was a fish...or he did, .....but was expressing the fact that ultimately....if you understand God in the natural world....your physical body is irrelevant.

Never in my life have I observed any aquatic life do these things..Anywhere. I have been in the company of so many different life forms on this planet. Never seen a fish do that.

I awoke one morning to go through my usual cycle of greeting the world and my surroundings, .and found that Wally had died overnight when the pump circulating his water overheated.

Probably one of the most powerful things to ever happen to me.Period.
I have had some very, very unusual things in life happen to/for me.

I had done the best I could. He had not only asked me to take him home, He had demanded it. His life, death and passing was another lesson in life to me.

Only when we become effective stewards for ALL other life we encounter, will we become self-aware again.

Thank you for your letters, Susan.
Our like-minded mentality will prevail on this least that's what I believe.