Saturday, June 26, 2010



Just caught the BP office location in the Ukraine forwarding packets to some freaky ass military industrial site up in Sweden...complete with giant multicolored chemical pools....unregistered military ships getting loaded at a ....chemical plant..?...packets ended up back The base in Englewood, military presences reason for our government to be talking to them   ..through Level3 ISP..the government/industrial internet service provider..

The town is call Lulea... use the marine traffic tracker in the links at the bottom of the page to find can do it....there is some seriously strange stuff in the area....and I look at things all over the world through satellites...check Wikipedia for the's got a very interesting type of industrial mix.

.. a private airfield...and some other type of airfields...? ...with a whole other bunch of freaky sht ..I got some screen caps for you guys to look at.

what the hell are they burning ...?



what the hell is this shit...?!


What in the hell are these people doing...?  go look around the site with the marine tracker link at the bottom right of the will start to wonder about things just like me...


Susan said...

Wow that was alot of work. But I arrived! went to look up industries and when I clicked on Living Labs Internet Explored dumped me with a message reading ...malicious content..The pollution could be their iron ore industry. Been in automotive/marine works since 18??

Looks very dreary...but like some Eastern Germans I will bet that, Hans what's his name Chairman of BP the man with the infamous quote
"small People" , is into strange and creepy sexual fetish...such as he probably likes to be diapered and is the masocist in s&m sexual fetish. Men who crave power often times in private are the ones who desire being dominated in bed. "Oh I killed all zee life in gulf of Mexico I am zee bad boy. Spank me and put on my diapers." I will bet he made a freudian slip when he said "small people" his inner self was thinking "small penis"

But enough of Hans whats his name of BP the Big man with the little dick. I'll bet he also has a mother complex. Mother did not love her big Hans he felt hatred toward her yet craved her acceptance and as such, since he suffered (both small penis complex coupled with mother need while awash in a feeling of self loathing) he probably inflicted pain and torture on animals as a boy and in adulthood carried on with a deep seated envy of happy people that had love in their life so he cares little about other peoples suffering as a matter of fact he draws pleasure from such things. Which leads to his masturbation where he calls out "Mama Mama " while knowing what he does is wrong he probably ties his little dick to a noose of sorts and pulls and pulls. " "Please mommy look at me I am big oil"

But! Oh oh! Let me guess! That is the plant that is making not a nuclear bomb for Afganistan (too obvious) but some weapon of mass destruction that can be blamed on viral germ or whatever, which wipes out all civilians, children etc. in Afganistan so that he and his cohorts can go right in and start mining the trillion dollar reserve of the New Energy LITHIUM!!!

Ah! But Alas, poor Hans should do his homework on the mindset of the Taliban they are very unlike the "small people" And wait till he gets a load of them.!!

His arrogant "taking" of what is not his and the destruction of that which was made by Allah and or God will not set well with the Taliban. But the really scary thought is when he is caught and tortured while being video taped
to set an example for the world to see...if any of the devote followers of the Taliban notice he has an erection among men! (not alot of homosexual muslims)then...oh I cringe to think.

Post Script: To all muslims I do not wish to offend you or the Nation of Islam. I just wish to point out the sick greedy capitalistic mentality of those who wish to steal your natural resources. And BP is on its way cause BP thinks we are small and you are stupid.

Enjoy this comment those who are watching. Print and post in command headquarters for a light jest!

Jacques said...

The relevant thing is that there are unregistered military ships loading chemicals, in the EXACT area where the G.O.M. waters end up. Look up Wikipedia and see what it says about the area....take that and add it to the fact that BP's overseas corporate offices have been viewing my site ...under the " Watching the Watchers " topic at the top....and you will see Susan....something bigger is at play here....a good portion of the American people would be screwed fast if something happened.....they are......softer these days.....add that to the fact that my Statcounter IP map showing everybody's locations when they view this site....and nobody in much of Europe, any of China, or many other countries are not allowed to talk to each other online......something is up. Plain and simple. I don't believe in Elvis or Mothman....I do believe that the military minds are at war know what happens when they go to war mentally....and it reaches a head...?

I would say keep your eyes and ears wide open. I know you do already, but right now...keep 'em extra wide open.

Anonymous said...

Im from Europe, no problems talking online here.

Not heard anything about any oil ending up here.

It's pretty quiet about it here, seems like nobody belives that the oil will spread here. Is there really any solid proofs that the oil will go just that way?

Best regards F.P

Jacques said...

Hello, my friend.

There are a few things that you might not know about the situation.

The oil is 90% under the water, HI-E oil it's called, E means emulsify. After 10% of the natural gas sublimates from it, it sinks back under the surface of the water.

The microbiological implications, of introducing a large amount of food into their not say the fellow citizens here are clueless about biology.....sad, ...but true.

The solar activity has EVERYTHING to do with what happens next. Solar radiation influences microbial evolution through radiation effects of DNA,'s why pfu measurements are given for solar storms...

Google " pfu and radiation " and see what you get.

As well, solar activities will determine flow rates, chemical changes, lightning strikes, ( we are getting negatively charged lightning, not positive like normal )

The problem is that most of my fellow Americans, ( my family was from Austria ) are not knowledgeable about science. They willingly eat the spoon fed news from the major media. It doesn't matter what is said on TV.

FOX news

" I am a scientist, and there is no danger, solar electrons from swamp gas will refract off of Venus and convert methane to oxygen in our atmosphere, ...there is no danger, ...go swimming."

....ok, maybe an exaggeration, not not a big one, ...if you are familiar with American media..

Will the oil get to Europe...?

Probably....but I believe the current events will change course soon enough, ...just keep monitoring the news around the world.

-Regards, Isaac

Susan said...

Comment on Solar storm: You were right, weather was much hotter than normal, lightning storm produced sideways lightning. No rain.

More later now must go to Google pfu and radiation.

PS. Most brave of you to post my comment on Hans what's his name Chairman of BP. My intent was the opposite of what is advised to people afraid to speak in public. "Picture your audience naked" (rather stupid advice) but, after seeing people say things such as, "BP is bad BP is mean I hate BP etc...I thought how amussing to plant in the minds of my fellow humans the visualization of mr Big oil himself that it is his penis which is small and not the people... that his private sexual fetishes are a bit creepy and laughable. . For men have penis envy ie. size...not women. And what is Hans what's his name to do when at the next board meeting a portion of his audience are thinking "do you suppose he is wearing diapers under his suit?"

Jacques said...

I don't monitor my posts, I just haven't had many people comment, ...maybe they don't know what to say.....way to keep your eyes, ears, ..and mind open

I'll post an article soon, showing side by side maps of high intensity solar particle storms and bombardments....and the corresponding " heat waves " on the Earth. I have about 5 things I am working on writing at any given time.


Susan said...

What do you think is going on with the unregistered military ships? (forgot to mention in earlier comment that yes I did see that the ships were unregistered)

I am most curious as to what you think.