Sunday, August 1, 2010

Where do we really reside...?

   Hello Roman, Grüße zu meiner Familie in Europa .

   Here are 2 pictures for you. The universe, and the mind. I could not find the exact picture I was looking for...yet, but these are close enough. This is why I think we are living in the mind of... "God"....something I have believed since I was a child .......One is a rendering of the structure of neuronal pathways in the human mind, one is a picture of the structure of a deep-space nebula . ...the order of the universe....and everything contained within, all follow the same laws....the physical structure of the atrophy of the brain due to old age would also resemble the shape and structure of the collapse of the science continues to look further in both directions...inner-space & outer-space, and our wider field of view becomes....wider.....we will find that the structures of what we see will be the same,....... perhaps every particle we see or " discover" is in itself another universe, and the particles that comprise them would be found to be the same.., and the entire universe we perceive is just a particle that has yet to even be discovered ,...and so on , ad infinitum...also an idea I thought of often as a child. ..I often question the concepts of reality, time, gravity.....I can only compare them to the 3 Stooges.

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