Wednesday, August 18, 2010

New system in development..seems familiar in concept to something...oh yeah, I remember..

........My idea for containing the wellhead.

 ...Although different in design, exactly the same in concept.....large heavy box with the ability to capture oil.
You can bet I will keep track of this "new" developing technology, just out of curiosity  of course.

 The following is from the Oil Drum

" If the integrity of the end of the well is compromised (i.e. the rock fragmented, the liners broken or the wellhead destroyed in some way), then a different approach will be required.
Here a caisson assembly will be constructed around the remnant BOP, large enough to surround the well at a point where the rock has enough strength and quality to allow a seal under the wall. This will then allow a cap to be placed on top of the caisson, with the containment system from the last slide, mounted on top of the cap, as a way of capturing the hydrocarbons that are bled off from the well, without their coming into contact with the seawater, and forming hydrates. "

(ExxonMobil )


Lol, Isaac wants royalties....or some help getting student loans to study engineering...hint hint

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