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June 21/2010-5:08
   By : Isaac

        How to stop what caused it.... to who's at who should take the reins of power.
It is a direct indication of social unrest. The transfer of power at the top, will ultimately start at the root level, which is in the human consciousness. If we create for ourselves the world we prefer to live in by our decisions, then as a whole, it would seem by the path we are currently on, that we have received what we have asked for.

   As we reach the event horizon,.. the pinnacle of an event..., there is a critical re-examination at the sub-conscious of our quantified perception of reality that allows the human mind to make a decision as to how to proceed after that point.

    An example would be : when you sense you are tripping over the family dog as she begs while you cook. The re-examination is the decision to fall flat on your face, or grab the counter.

   Given that the transfer of energies is dictated by the path of least resistance, we take the easy way out.....which in the event we are facing something we do not want to acknowledge, is any direction away from the thought.

  ( The above may be understood by reading the definitions contained in the links at the bottom of the post )

The unwillingness to acknowledge something, is in itself an indication of the direct awareness of the existence of different source of information, from that which the observer normally uses to quantify their reality. The truth is painful, and at the subconscious level, many people actually do care, they just have justified their apathy with their lack of knowledge. If you don't know about how something works, you cannot develop a better system. This leads to a feeling of helplessness in the subconscious.

   Many of us have feel we have been powerless over the events that shape our lives. Ignorance is born of free will, the path of an individual is the solely the responsibility of the traveler. For if we cannot accept responsibility for the actions behind us, how can we know that we will make an informed decision concerning the direction we are going..?

                   If you don't care where you are going, any road will get you there.

  The ability of the subconscious mind to make the unorthodox observations of the natural world, allows the formulation of a new paradigm of conscious thought which guides us on the path we want to travel, as opposed to traveling someone else's direction.

                   The stagnation of the mind is the root of apathy.

   As an example of stimulative, unorthodox, or A Priori-type thought :

   A painting, in which the artist has expressed their creative energy. The art is an application of the sum of the emotions, desires and energies of the artist. Everything that is behind the motivation to convey the message of the artist, is ultimately expressed as art. From the influence of universal forces like gravity, to the energy from the Sun, consumed and converted by plants to food and eaten by the artist. It is all part of the total sum of the power expressed in the action. This energy remains where it is. It is received by the appreciative eye where it starts the transfer of energy again by the inspirations of the mind. It produces feelings which in turn inspire us to take action. Actions spring from the willing consciousness. This is why we created art. It is a direct expression of energy. Energy can occupy all forms and art is just one. Others are radio signals, literary works, electrons, ...anything really.

  The critical mass of peer review is what allows the quantified observations of the individual to join the information in the collective consciousness. This is how we determine the truth. There are 2 different ways of viewing things. One is by observation, one is by acceptance. One is directly acknowledged, one is acknowledged in the sub-conscious. It's what makes the difference between an individual who views a piece of garbage blowing in the wind as an ordinary thing and therefore no longer significant in their reality, and the individual who sees the object, but also sees, with the conscious mind, the source and destination of the object, as well as the forces behind what makes it move. To the first, it does not exist as a relevant portion of their reality, but the awareness is acknowledged in the subconsciousness.

               The conscious individual is motivated to action by their direct observations.

As an example : Observations at an atomic level

   "  Nucleons in nuclei and electrons in atoms contain all necessary information about the structure of other nuclei and atoms. This information is used and reproduced by simple rational relations, according to the fundamental conservation law of energy. "

  It is my belief that everything is connected. I say this merely for the fact that the universe has given us the ability to measure things.

                                       Critical observation yields revolutionary thought.

   If every action has an opposite and equal reaction, then the total sum of our current actions should by definition, be in right in front of us to observe. It is the refusal of the collective consciousness throughout all time, to acknowledge the importance of the relationship between our actions, and the resulting reactions of our surrounding environment, that has thus eventually ended all civilizations.

  Our place in the universe is observable only from the vantage point we are looking from. If you are standing in a hole, cannot see what is plainly observable at the ground level for everyone. The passage of knowledge from the observer to the  " observee " , is the most important event that can arise in someone's life.
It is the information that will stimulate the new thoughts that take the learned on a new direction. The responsibility of educational stewardship belongs to the consciousness presenting the idea. The open mind is willing to learn from that which it deems to be a source of teachings. If the teachings are not based in quantified facts formed from peer review, then it is nothing but the perpetuation of ignorance in the mind of the willing. That is the difference between a teacher and a liar.

The peowr of the sbuonoucics mnid to ovresbe the nrtaual wlord is oeftn oerkovoled by the ccouisnos mnid.

I will use an unorthodox analogy to describes the refusal of the closed mind to accept new information.

" A Description of a Hypothetical Exercise " or   " My Attempt to Teach a Potato to Play Fetch. "

   I presented the potato with the stick, so it could directly observe it.
   I threw the stick, in the hope that the potato would fetch the stick out of interest.
   The potato acknowledges the stick, but ignores it.
   I try poking the potato with the stick to provoke some kind of a reaction.
   The potato has decided to keep it's eyes shut.
   I will make soup

We cannot force information into the unwilling mind, but we can persuade human nature by presenting an example. As I have observed the events in my life, I became aware of how powerful an example can be to the mind. It is observed on the subconscious level by the closed minded. We can do more to change the way we live simply by observation, and the ways we live our lives are a much more powerful persuader to the closed minded  individual than attempts of forceful indoctrination.

The  laws that determine the structure of the universe are the same laws that thoughts are held to.

An example would be a correlation to a physical event  : You cannot put boiling water into an electric coffee maker. It will not make coffee, because the action of the event is dependent on the physical chain of events that are determined by the laws that dictate the transfer of energy. The electricity cannot heat the water, because it is already hot.

That is why a closed mind will not accept information that will allow restructuring.

As conscious thought is a form of energy, it is part of the total end sum of the universe. The path of energy is the path of least resistance, and thus thought will seek the open mind in which the enlightened consciousness resides.

   Together, we will sharpen the sword of knowledge, on the stone of truth, to cleave from the clouded minds of many, the ignorance perpetuated by the unwillingness of a few.


mcnorman said...

5.5 earthquake ottowa ca

I have friends in PA that felt it.

Jacques said...

Go to this NASA site and look at the current solar actions

Jacques said...

Look closely at the GOES Solar X-ray Flux chart