Tuesday, June 15, 2010


June 15/2010-2:27 PM EST.
   By  : Isaac N.

    Some strange things in motion, I believe.
     I have a stat-counter program that tells me everything about who looks at or reads information on my site. It's a data mining program basically. All computers in my stat logs are first named by their ISP. I started to do IP packet path traces a few weeks ago because I noticed many computers registered to oil company ( Exxon , Amoco ) as well as US Army computers, and communicating amongst themselves about the content of my site.. ( Read my topic at the top, Watching the Watchers )They are using what's called Level3 ISP. It's for world governments and corporations to communicate. I have caught them all various times over the past few
weeks reading my posts.This post is very important because there have been no computers registered with " INTERNATIONAL ALERT " as an internet service provider ( ISP )before on my site before..There is a reason they have been viewing my site so much, if the information I was presenting was untrue, they wouldn't pay me any mind. All the information in my post about a runaway reaction in the sub-floor underneath the Gulf is 100% spot on. First, before you read the post below, go to the IRIS earthquake browser and look at the deep earthquakes in Cuba in the last 5 days.


There are earthquakes happening everywhere at all times, usually to deep or slight to get noticed by the general population. Look at the Cuba sites in IRIS and see the depth and magnitudes. It takes pressures much stronger to move the lower layers. This blowout is releasing pressure in the plates that form the New Madrid faultline  I talked to someone online in Georgia last night and they said they felt tremors. I felt one in North Carolina this morning, but they are not in the IRIS database....

 here's the IT tools I use.

 This one show you where the packets originate as well as which computers they go to.


 This is the one you use to see the location of the IP addresses



here's the computer landing on my site.

Here is a shot of my stat counter logs, so you can see what I am talking about.

Here's where the information they viewed on my computer ( the packets ) got routed to..

Here's the locations...







6..This is from overseas location above,, on the Levell3 ISP , to an underground military base in Wichita Kansas. Go to the IP address for this and zoom in with the tool I give the link for. If you aware of the underground military installations in Kansas, you will understand....

7. Back to London, all on Level3...

8. And...



Some things are happening. Read the posts on my front page.

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TommyD said...

Do not let them throw you off track.

Look into carbon credit trading.


I worked for a telephone company and they had the outline on what the USA was to do and to down energy consumption by 20% back in 1997-1998.