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June 6/2010-1:58 PM EST.

    By : Isaac N.

    So who's going to get the contracts to restore the Gulf coast ?

The Waste Management Corporation. The same Waste Management Corporation that is the largest. They are the owners of the big ubiquitous green dumpsters you see around the world. In fact, type " Gulf Coast clean-up " into a search engine , and it'll likely be the first result. Here are some odd statements from their web-site.

Corporate Office

1001 Fannin, Suite 4000
Houston, Texas 77002

At Waste Management we are committed to the highest level of integrity while we build and nurture a culture of trust. Our security efforts are focused on three areas, which are the essence of corporate security:

    * Safeguard our people, our property, our information and our assets
    * Partner with our people, our customers and our vendors
    * Preserve our reputation and protect shareholder value by supporting the highest standards of ethical conduct

Partner with local community, national law enforcement and emergency management organizations for emergency response plans .

Participate in and support infrastructure protection planning and security initiatives with organizations such as InfraGard and API .

.............Who ?

   The groups in question are Infragard  ad API.   Infragard is made up of private citizens working with the FBI and Homeland Security.  Some call it a secret society, but there's an official website showing it clearly exists. Some sort of Military contractor ?

Here's the national site of Infragard....

 .....Wait...........ten minutes ago I was reading about how to clean up oil...

 About Infragard ?

 The group was created in 1996 to monitor cyber threats, but since 9-11, it's grown considerably.

"They're just not enough FBI agents out there who can accomplish the mission,"

 And then there's the API. Who are they ?

 But of course...the American Petroleum Institute..

 After Katrina, who was awarded contracts ?

       " New Katrina Contracts Awarded; Include Fluor, Bechtel, Halliburton  "

What did the locals had to say afterwords ?

Then, there's Obama and the Patriot Act.

The Obama administration supported extending three key provisions of the Patriot Act that were due to expire at the end of 2008.....

    Not being understood by my fellow American people is that China is the holder of over $1.4 Trillion of US debt backed by the mortgages on the homes and property of tens of millions these people which, in essence, makes the Chinese one of the largest holders of land in the United States, and which the Chinese government has stated they will protect ‘at all costs’.

    In rapid response to China’s demands that they be granted immediate access to their American properties to protect their ‘investments’, the United States is enacting a new law titled the Emergency Economic Stabilization Act of 2008, and which in Section 101, Paragraph 7:3 chillingly states:

Designating financial institutions as financial agents of the Federal Government, and such institutions shall perform all such reasonable duties related to this Act as financial agents of the Federal Government as may be required.”

The United States Federal Reserve has further notified the China Development Bank, the second largest bank in Asia and the main holder of US mortgage debt instruments, that they will be designated by the US Secretary of the Treasury as one of the financial institutions protected by this extraordinary new law, and which, according  to these reports, will empower Chinese policing authorities the right to act as law enforcement officers in the United States including granting them the right to evict American citizens from homes whose mortgage debt is held by China.
    So if you live on the Gulf Coast , and you are having trouble with your mortgage, remember BP-China, they might already own your house...

So I guess that's how they will us help with the clean-up on the coast....

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crlwllns said...

Anything "Mr. Obama" says, is really Null & Void, since he's actually a Foreign National & even
his wife admits this! So Much, is not actually known, to most/many americans via cnn, ect.

I've heard that there's actually a 43-47 Trillion $ LIEN, by CHINA & H.M. So the 1.4 Trillion, is for the properties, eh? There's been talk,from a Dr. Deagle, about a potential "toxic oil tidal wave"!
The aftermath, could leave all/most of florida alone, to devestated for CHINA, to handle?

So, they'll need to PLUG THE LEAK
A.S.A.P. In order to "Protect Their A$$et$"! (Or, was drilling into the "Oil Volcano", part of the plan?) Never a dull moment, on Planet Earth!

And oh, b.t.w. the holders of the mortgages, didn't actually run up the bill! It was the "U.S. of A. Corporation", founded in 1861, that "Mr. Obama is President, Of".

Here, he doesn't need to be a 'Naturally Born Citizen'! Yet, MOST Americans may not be AWARE of this.Many,MANY ARE. Like I said, "Never a dull moment"!
With So Much, a C-H-A-R-A-D-E...

Hey! Check this out, do you think this guys "onto something"? Like it was, 'in the plan'? Or, a plan,
wildly out of control?